Since getting a cycle computer for Christmas, I have found that, when riding, I have become more and more focused on keeping my speed above the journey average. I have always been a fairly rapid cyclist (or have tried to be), but before getting the computer I had no way of knowing how fast. Now, not only do I know how fast I am going but, I keep a log of each journey and keep trying to improve my average speed. In the past, if I was having an off day or was battling with a head wind, I would just take it easy, but now I feel the need to try and keep up the average speed. As time passes I am getting faster, but as my legs ached on the way home this evening, I started to wonder if I am becoming a slave to the machine (or cycle computer). Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not a reckless pursuit of speed, I don’t jump red lights or run down pedestrians on the shared cycle path. I just try to get the wee arrow showing whether I am travelling above or below the journey average to point up. Yes, it is nice to get a new top speed, but for me the point is to keep up a good pace wherever conditions permit, rather like a runner training for races of different lengths, the aim is to keep up a sustainable pace over the distance. The difference is that now I have the little machine, when I am getting slower it spurs me on to try that wee bit harder when I am getting tired, yes I have become a slave to the machine. I suppose I could always try leaving it at home or could I?