Energy usage comparison for lights

I created this page when writing a post for my blog, in order to be able to compare the energy usage and running cost of three different types of GU10 downlighter type lights, Halogen, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and LEDs. You can change the following parameters: number of bulbs, unit cost per bulb, lifespan of bulb in hours (if known, I have set typical values as the defaults here), power consumption rating of bulb, average number of hours per day the light is switched on, and the cost per kWh of electricity supplied (the default value I have set here is based on my last bill, this may have changed since then). The defaults I have set are for a 50w Halogen bulb and a low energy equitant with an equal light output, these settings can be change to suit your circumstances. The prices are based on buying single units, however by buying in bulk (i.e. nine or more units) these prices can be bettered. Then press the Update button to calculate the comparison of energy use and costs, and if you would like to reset to the default values at any time press the Reset button.

  Bulb type Halogen CFL LED
No. Bulbs
Unit cost (£)
Lifespan (h)
Power (W)
Usage per day (h)
Cost per kWh (£)
Initial cost1
Bulbs per year
Running cost per day (pence)2
Capital cost per year (£)
Energy cost per year (£)
Total cost per year (£)3

  1. Price examples used here were taken from internet searches and were last up dated Oct 2012
  2. Daily cost of electricity (no capital cost allowance)
  3. Cost per year = annual running cost + pro rata annual capital cost of bulb

So as you can see from the figures above, using low energy lighting in your home really can save you money! If you need a calculator to work out any extra figures, try this one.



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