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Grow Wild update

Last month I wrote a post on the Grow Wild Scottish Vote, the vote has now taken place and almost 20,000 people took part (some of them through this blog). The winning project is the Barrhead’s Water Works project, they… Continue Reading →

Grow Wild

These days I often get e-mails from PR people either offering to write something for my blog about a product they are wanting to push, or wanting me to write something about a product they are wanting to push. Generally… Continue Reading →

Shutting the stable door, thoughts on ash dieback and other pathogens

The UK Government has recently announced a ban of the import ash saplings (Fraxinus excelsior) due to the spread of the Chalara fraxinea fungus, AKA ash dieback. This has been a disaster waiting to happen and one that could be… Continue Reading →

What’s the story with Nitrogen?

There is much talk these days about the threat to our world from climatic change driven by the release of fossil carbon in the form of CO2. However, this is not the only pollutant gas released by the burning of… Continue Reading →

300 Years of fossil fuelled growth in 5 minutes

The ultimate roller coaster ride: a brief history of fossil fuels… A short film from the Post Carbon institute, it is time to start planning for the future.

Leithers sign the Pledge …

Leith has long been know for its tight knit community and its hard living, but now a grass roots movement Greener Leith is encouraging Leithers sign the Pledge for a Better Life! You can join the movement by making your… Continue Reading →

Climate Change Rap

If only the debate over Climate Change was this easy and amusing… I enjoyed this so much I shamelessly borrowed it from else where, thanks Mikael! My own work on the potential effects of climatic change can be found here,… Continue Reading →


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