I created this page a long time ago, and will one day get around to repacing it with something more modern ;-)
Yes, I know it looks crap on a phone.

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Due to popular demand for some pictures to liven things up, here are a few random images from my photo album, to change this image follow this link...
This should be a random image from my photo album, which for some reason which I can't fathom is not showing up with https.
If you came to the site by searching for me on Google, let make this clear I am NOT Kimberly, I am not the one who can sing but, the EUSA election (link broken, it was a long time a go) result is me and so is the BBC - Radio 4 - PM - Kim Harding, and if you looked for me on Facebook, I am not there, I don't do Facebook...

If you are from the CTC forum the cycle blog is here, the wrong link is on the forum and I haven't figured out how to set up a redirect. (So long ago that the CTC has changed its name)

If you would like to see me (as I was when first wrote this page) This is what I looked like when I first wrote this page, head and sholders shot  
If you want to e-mail me, use this form.

My interests include ecology, web development playing with tech, and bicycles (I run a cycling festival), if you would like to know a little more you might like to have a look at some of my other pages (note that I wrote most of these pages mainly to amuse myself): Then again you might not want to do any of that, and who could blame you...