I had two firsts today, not bad for a Friday. My first First was a ride on a recumbent bike, I had been out teaching cycling and on the way home I dropped by the Bike Station, they had a US made Tour Easy and I was invited to have a go. It was an interesting experience, after a slightly shaky start I was off, the best way to ride it is to just lay back and pedal. Going in a straight line was surprisingly easy, but turning was an absolute pig, even with leaning the thing over. It was fun and I was glad to have had the opportunity to give it a try, but the Tour Easy is not a bike on my wish list.

The second First of the day was seeing a Penny Farthing being ridden through Edinburgh. Now Edinburgh is not the sort of place you would expect to see a Penny Farthing, too many hills, but I saw this guy ride up Argyle Place and into Roseneath Street.
Penny Farthing in Edinburgh
He obligingly turned round and stopped outside Eddie’s Fish Shop, where there was a rush of people wanting to take photos. This time I didn’t dare ask to have a go.