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Complaint to the BBC

Dear BBC The BBC charter states the BBC aims to inform, educate and entertain. While some may regard Mr Clarkson’s comments on running over cyclists because they don’t pay “road tax” as entertainment (Top Gear BBC2 07/02/2011 21mins 25seconds in)…. Continue Reading →

A modest proposal

In these days of austerity and cuts I would like to make a modest proposal to save money from the public purse. I suggest that we means test parliamentary salaries. Where an MP has an income outwith parliament, this should… Continue Reading →

Robin Hood Tax, anyone?

What the world needs now is a Robin Hood Tax, lets face it, it wouldn’t hurt the bankers to give a wee bit back. The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on banks, hedge funds and other finance institutions… Continue Reading →

You don’t pay tax…

One of the more stupid statements made by motorists to cyclists is “you don’t pay tax”, sadly this is just not true. We all pay tax, as the old axiom has it: there are two things in life which are… Continue Reading →

Green Taxes

So the Tories are proposing a move towards more environmental taxes, based on the principle the polluter pays. Now I am all in favour of increasing environmental taxes and reducing direct taxation, but can we trust the Tories on this… Continue Reading →


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