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More on cycle parking…

Just over a year ago I wrote a post on cycle parking (Cycle parking, please can we have more…), since then I have been thinking about it a lot, basically every time I have to lug one of my bikes… Continue Reading →

Coasts and Castles, a ride along the NCN1/76 (Part 3): Dunbar to Edinburgh

As a Scot, the concept of a healthy cooked breakfast is a novel concept, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed at the B&B in Dunbar. We had arrived in Dunbar the evening before after two days of riding along the… Continue Reading →

Manifesto suggestions for active travel

Active travel is a great idea as it achieves so many policy objectives: it is clean, it is green, it reduces congestion in towns and cities, and it is healthy (active people, such as regular cyclists, live longer). In addition,… Continue Reading →

Cycle parking, please can we have more… part 2

Last year I wrote a post on the need for more cycle parking facilities in Edinburgh, so I am pleased to see the Scottish Government is giving a grant of £208,000 to the cycle charity Sustrans to increase cycle parking… Continue Reading →

Leithers sign the Pledge …

Leith has long been know for its tight knit community and its hard living, but now a grass roots movement Greener Leith is encouraging Leithers sign the Pledge for a Better Life! You can join the movement by making your… Continue Reading →

How green is your daily journey?

Given at that the eyes of the world are looking to the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen for answers to the biggest environmental challenge of our time. I thought it would be a good day to ask, How green is… Continue Reading →

Germans bring fish market to Aberdeen

I see on the news that the Germans have brought a fish festival to Aberdeen. This has to be a good thing, in the three years I lived in Aberdeen I was always disappointed about the quality of fresh food… Continue Reading →

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