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Where did Spring go?

To think that just six days ago I wrote a post called Hints of Spring which I illustrated with pictures of crocuses that had appeared along Melville Drive and now look what has happened … But then I did warn… Continue Reading →

Hints of Spring

Here in Edinburgh there are hints that spring is in the air, the crocuses have appeared along Melville Drive, there are birds beginning to sing tentatively in the pre-dawn (by the time the sun rises the rush hour has started… Continue Reading →

A winter light over Craigmillar

We are twelve days off the solstice and the days are short. So when we came to look for a place to go on a Sunday afternoon we didn’t want to venture too far afield. We wanted somewhere with a… Continue Reading →

A Saturday in January

We had returned from nearly a month away (skiing in Austria, since you ask) and this was our first Saturday back. The Edinburgh farmers market was calling, wandering across The Meadows we were surprised to see the numbers of fallen… Continue Reading →

First snow of winter

Well here it is, the beginning of December and the first snow has arrived, causing much excitement on Twitter and, and, well not much else. The gritters have been out and the Sunday morning traffic is moving normally. It is… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh in November

It is November and what the Scandinavians call the murk time has arrived, the days are short and the nights long. Not that this is all bad, there are those bright sunny days when the air is crystal clear and… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh in August

One of the things about living in Edinburgh you just have to get used to is that there are always people who want to visit you in August. It is a curious fact that people you haven’t seen in ages,… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh in July

There are two sound which are commonly heard in Edinburgh in July. One is the sound of swifts (Apus apus) screaming overhead and the other, the rattle of suitcase roller wheels on pavements. Both sounds tell the locals that the… Continue Reading →

An evening in July

As the weather hadn’t been great all day we decided to take a wee walk up Arthur’s Seat (the largest of Edinburgh’s extinct volcanoes) before dinner just to get a bit of fresh air. Naturally I grabbed the big Nikon… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh in June

June is possibly one of my favourite months to be in Edinburgh, it is that period between the students leaving and the tourists arriving en masse. The city is quiet, it’s just the locals, the long term residents, who are… Continue Reading →

A Saturday in January

Now here’s a thing you don’t normally see in January, I looked out the window towards Arthur’s Seat this morning and there was a group of people dressed in Santa suits standing around by the path up towards Hunter’s Bog…. Continue Reading →

Ski touring Arthur’s Seat

Having previously taken a low level tour of Holyrood Park, we felt it was time to take a high level tour. It was mid afternoon before we set out, about 14:00 (the dark comes early at this time of year)…. Continue Reading →

Escape to the Pentlands

One of the things which makes Edinburgh such a great place to live is the relative ease of access to the great outdoors. The Friday evening weather forecast told us that the following day was to be the last day… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Hogmanay

With Old Year’s Night almost upon us once again, I have to decide where to be at the bells. Living in Edinburgh this used to be easy, the town used to gather on the High Street, spilling out onto Princes… Continue Reading →


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