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Of on street parking and bus/cycle lanes

Earlier this week I wrote up a few thoughts on the Spokes Hustings last week, where I commented on my memory of Cllr Gordon Mackenzie’s replies on the issue of Pay & Display parking in bus lanes and cycle lanes…. Continue Reading →

The Mayor of Vilnius find solution to cars parked in cycle lanes

The Mayor of Vilnius (capital of Lithuania), Artūras Zuokas, has found a solution to the problem of cars parked illegally in cycle lanes: Now if you were to try this in Edinburgh in August, it would probably be taken for… Continue Reading →

Something about bicycle lanes, strict liability etc.

This post has been hanging around in draft form for a while but I have decided to publish it in it current state so that I can get on with other posts… There has been a lot of comment on… Continue Reading →


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