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How green is your daily journey?

Given at that the eyes of the world are looking to the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen for answers to the biggest environmental challenge of our time. I thought it would be a good day to ask, How green is… Continue Reading →

Your views wanted on Active Travel

The Scottish Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee is holding an inquiry into “Active Travel – walking and cycling”. The Committee is keen to hear your views on walking and cycling. The Scottish Government says that it would like… Continue Reading →

Bright lights for dark nights

Way back in January I bought myself a new set of cycle lights for commuting in the dark, namely the Dinotte 400L Road Rider’s experience. It was a wee bit more than I really wanted to pay, due to the… Continue Reading →

Give cyclists room

One of the things which puts people off cycling on the road is the tendency of some drivers to pass far too close. So how much room should a driver give a cyclist or other vulnerable road user when overtaking?… Continue Reading →

You don’t pay tax…

One of the more stupid statements made by motorists to cyclists is “you don’t pay tax”, sadly this is just not true. We all pay tax, as the old axiom has it: there are two things in life which are… Continue Reading →

Cycle parking, please can we have more…

Cycling is a good thing. It is increasingly recognised that cycling should be encouraged, as it helps to achieve so many policy objectives: it is clean, it is green, it reduces congestion in towns and cities, it is healthy (regular… Continue Reading →

Cycle helmets

There was a thread on a cycling forum recently on how often a cycle helmet needs to be replaced. The person who starting the thread wrote that his helmet was now three years old and still in perfect condition but… Continue Reading →

New biking toys

I got a few new toys for the bike just recently. Firstly a pair of Shimano A530 SPD pedals to replace the old M505 which came with the bike. The old pedals had SM-PD22 clip-on platform adapters, pretty ugly, but… Continue Reading →

More about lights…

I was talking to a friend at work today about rear cycle lights and we decided to take a couple of photos as a comparison, of I thought I would post them here just in case anyone should be interested…. Continue Reading →

Shine on you crazy ruby…!

With the days steadily shortening I decided that it was about time I got some new lights for my bike. Over the last few years I have been attaching more and more lights to my bike, mostly of the flashing… Continue Reading →

Friday blues…

Having yesterday written about my new commute, I got up this morning, having listened to heavy rain falling over night and heard the weather forecast say there was more to come throughout the morning. So I decided to to take… Continue Reading →

Why no posts?

It has recently been pointed out to me that I haven’t written anything on the blog recently, well there are two reasons for this: 1) I have been rather busy, here in the house we have recently had a new… Continue Reading →

What’s the hurry?

What is it with car drivers that they are always in such a hurry to get to the red traffic light first? I really don’t understand this behaviour, if the traffic light is red you have to stop, so why… Continue Reading →

Cycle, lights, action…

At this time of year when (at least here in the northern hemisphere) the clocks go back, the cycle commuter’s mind turns to lights. Usually, just after fumbling around in the bottom of the pannier whilst standing in a darkened… Continue Reading →

Slave to the machine

Since getting a cycle computer for Christmas, I have found that, when riding, I have become more and more focused on keeping my speed above the journey average. I have always been a fairly rapid cyclist (or have tried to… Continue Reading →

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