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Slowed down…

On Saturday we went out for a short ride, as you do. We decided to check out some quiet back roads and off road routes. We got as far as the Inch Community Centre, following the road through the park… Continue Reading →

Bicycle Polo in Festival Square, Edinburgh

It started with a message on Twitter @kiwikelz Bikepolo #flashmob Festival Square #edinburgh, 5.30pm, Monday 6 June…spread the word… I was intrigued, I had heard of Bicycle Polo, but never actually seen it in action. Just in case you have… Continue Reading →

Life is more beautiful by bicycle

I recently spotted this Ad by Decathlon and was so charmed by it I had to put it up here: The strap line reads “Life is more beautiful by bicycle” and who could argue with that?   Thanks to Cycling… Continue Reading →

Fear, loathing, and cycle campaigning

I was recently reading a blog post on “Cult Of Fear” when I was struck by the story about a woman killed while riding along a dual carriageway, the CTC’s resistance to the provision of off road cycle provision and… Continue Reading →

Cycling Sucks

Not everybody thinks that cycling is wonderful, some people think that Cycling Sucks and maybe they have a point, as this Dutch student video clearly shows… It was made as the first of two commercials they created for a school… Continue Reading →

Car/bicycle parking

After last night’s Spokes meeting on tackling bike storage, I found myself thinking in the middle of the night (as you do) about on-street cycle parking. By the morning I had come up with this: It would be great fun… Continue Reading →

New Idea: the Cargo Bike Club

Following my recent wee issue with getting the biggest pumpkin home from the allotment and trying to find a cargo bike to transport it, has made me wonder if there are other people in a similar situation? I think I… Continue Reading →

Bringing home the harvest… (part 2) the BIG pumpkin

In my first post on Bringing home the harvest I wrote about how I was unsure as to just how we were going to get the biggest pumpkin of this year home. The ideal solution would be a cargo bike,… Continue Reading →

Bike build project (part 6): Finishing off and finally riding the thing!

As some of you will now know, I have been building a bicycle based on the frame and forks of a Genesis Croix de Fer (2009 model) for some time now. Finally, I have reached the bit you have all… Continue Reading →

Bringing home the harvest…

It is that time of year, when the leaves start to drop and the hearth in the living room starts to fill with a random range of fruit and veg… Yes, it is harvest time at the allotment, and getting… Continue Reading →

Bike build project (part 5): Putting it all together

So measurements have been taken, the wish list drawn up, then the bits bought, the wheels built, and now comes the part we have all been waiting for: putting it all together! Yes, my new mostly new (apart from the… Continue Reading →

Blasted back from Duns

Having struggled against a head wind all the way down the day before, we were sort of looking forward to having a tail wind helping us all the way home from Ravelaw (near Duns). Coming out of the B&B after… Continue Reading →

Spinning down to Duns

The three of us, Ulli, her cousin Bernhard (visiting on holiday) and myself, were looking for a cycle tour. I had originally intended to use my new bike but we haven’t gotten around to building it yet, something for a… Continue Reading →

Bike build project (part 4): Buying the bits

I have now reached the point in my bike build project where I have (almost) bought all the new parts I need. When I was first given the frameset of a 2009 Genesis Croix de Fer, there were a few… Continue Reading →

Arthur’s Seat Challenge II

I first wrote about the Arthur’s Seat Challenge in November 2007, since then I have become aware of a couple more Arthur’s Seat Challenges. There is one in Australia which involves bimbling up some wee hill which is about 75… Continue Reading →

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