This morning saw my first cycle commute of the year, the novelty of my new cycling toy new cycling toy has not yet worn off. It was a good ride in, dry if a wee bit breezy with a gusty NW wind. Caught the lights at green at the start to my favourite sprint passing Fettes (along Carrington Road) and so had a rolling start but didn’t feel as fast as some days. Still waiting for the day that Lothian & Borders finest (the police HQ is on the south side of the road) to carry out some speed trap training so that I can get a definitive check on my speed. The roads were really quiet so arrived at work with a real buzz, that is one of the great thing about cycling to work.

The figures for the record:

  • Distance home to work – 6.76 Km
  • Time taken – 00:16:14
  • Max Speed – 50.34 Km/h
  • Ave Speed – 25.02 Km/h