I saw an advertising poster for Google Chrome the other day, it has set me thinking. I have never seen a poster for a web browser before, why do Google feel the need to take out expensive advertising? Just cast your mind back a few years to when Google first appeared as a search engine was there a large expensive advertising campaign? No, of course not, its reputation as the most powerful search engine was spread by word of mouth and within a year of launch it was dominant around the world, a real killer app! Whereas, now Google is resorting to convention advertising to promote it’s products, could it be that that Google has lost it’s edge? That Chrome is not the killer browser it is hyped to be? Certainly looking round a few tech web sites the User ratings are far lower than the “Expert” ratings. Time will tell.

Just one further thought, when Google was hacked in China which browser were the Google employees using? Oh yes, they were using Internet Explorer for there personal browsing. Now why that browser??