For the last month, Ulli and I have been living in Laxenburg just to the south of Vienna, while Ulli has been working as a visiting scientist at an international research institute. Last night, we were finally able to meet-up with Ulli’s sister, who lives in Vienna but is incredibly busy. Long story short, we had a very good meal at Gasthaus Ubl in Preßgasse, I can recommend it if you find yourself in Wien. After a long and enjoy able meal, we had to rush back across the city to Wien Hauptbahnhof to catch the last train to Laxenburg-Biedermannsdorf Bahnhof (the wee station serves both villages). Thanks to the fact that WienMobil Rad is run by NextBike, we were able to pick up a couple of shared bikes and make our way quickly across the city.

As we got off the train at Laxenburg-Biedermannsdorf, we were surprised to hear bird song, which got louder as we made our way along the wee road from the station to the main road between the villages. When I got level with the bird, I just had to stop and record its song. Although I couldn’t see it, the Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) was probably less than 2 m away from me when I made this recording.

We passed another Nightingale about 200 m further on, but that one was not as close to the path, and so I didn’t stop to record it.