Having yesterday written about my new commute, I got up this morning, having listened to heavy rain falling over night and heard the weather forecast say there was more to come throughout the morning. So I decided to to take the bus instead. I knew there were several buses which I could catch, and when an express bus arrived I got on it without thinking about it. Only when I sat down did it occur to me that the bus directly behind, while a wee bit slower, would stop 5 minutes walk from the office, whereas the bus I was on stopped at the far side of the estate, a fifteen minute walk from the office. This wouldn’t normally bother me, but the reason for catching the bus this morning was the forecast of heavy rain and sure enough, as I was walking the long way to the office, it bucketed down.

As I was walking along the road through the Bush Estate, I was surprised to see a fire engine go past, as this was not a main road and such occurrences are rare. I arrived at the office a short while later, completely soaked, to find the fire engine in the middle of the car park and my colleges standing outside sheltering from the rain under the gable end of the building. It was another 15 minutes before we were given the all clear and allowed to enter the building, by which time I was starting to get cold. I didn’t fully dry out until the afternoon tea break.

If only I had cycled in, I would have arrived warmed up and invigorated from the ride, with a set of dry clothes to change into, after having a warm shower. So the moral of the story is: cycling is best.