There are those days in January when you just feel the need to get out and do something in the fresh air because: the sun is shining, you feel you need the exercise, you can’t face filling in your tax return on-line, or if you don’t use up your T.O.I.L. by the end of February you will loose it. Well all of those applied to us today, so we hopped on a bus and headed for the Pentland Hills. Getting off the Bus at Bush, we dropped into Ulli’s work place to;

a) tell her (and my) friends and (my ex)colleagues we were going for a walk in the hills to make them jealous (we did try to tempt one to come with us, but she bravely resisted),

b) pick up some flapjacks from the tuck shop.

J walked with us as far as the old estate policy boundary, but could not persuaded to go further, so we said fair well, crossed the road, and headed up to Castle Law farmstead. After looking across to Turnhouse and the reservoirs, we decided the low route to Balerno would mostly be in shadow and therefore going north would be a better option. One of the good things about taking the bus out is that all options are open, you don’t have to return to a car park.

Turnhouse HillLooking at Turnhouse.

Near the path, I was surprised to find some fungal fruiting bodies growing on some whin (Ulex europaeus), I have a feeling that they have been frozen solid since the beginning of November. Must find out what they are.

Fungi on whin

We skirted round the Castle Law firing range …

Walking in Pentland Hills.

… looking at the ice sliding off the warning signs.

Ice slide

As we came around edge of the hill, we got our first sight of Edinburgh across the snowy wastes…

Snowy wastes

then watched as the shadows lengthened…

Looking across the snowy wastes to edinburgh

and looked at the ice feathers on the wire fence…

Ice on the wire 2

before turning off down to Swanston and on to find a bus home. There are more photos here. J, you really should have come with us… 😉