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Open letter to MSPs on Active Travel

Having made suggestions as to how to include active travel in party manifestos (here and here) and the Scottish Budget coming up, I though it time to write to my MSPs about this issue. So I sent this message to… Continue Reading →

Get the right mix

Some people think that active travel and sustainable transport is all about live with a hair shirt and making things hard for your self, but it is not, it is about getting the right mix as this wee video shows…. Continue Reading →

Will we get a Golden Legacy?

Following from the tremendous success of cycling in the Olympic games (and the Tour de France) we started to dream of a Golden Legacy. People started to report that drivers were treating them with a modicum of respect when they… Continue Reading →

Little and large: a short story…

Little and large: a short story… While I was out the other day I spotted these two birds sitting on street light, the chaffinch was chaffing away as they do. The Herring gull listened for a short while and thought… Continue Reading →

First bats of the year

I have just seen the first bats of the year, two of them flying around at the back of my flat. Unfortunately it was just too dark for taking photos. It was flying in roughly clockwise circles at about 12… Continue Reading →

The strange case of the Kilt Maker, the Scientist and Air Pollution

Reading the Sunday Herald the other week, my eye was caught by the headline “Eco-chic: the kilt that cuts pollution“, this was one I had to read. The story was about a collaboration between Kilt Maker Howie Nicholsby and Scientist… Continue Reading →

Pre budget letter to list MSPs and replies (updated)

Before the final Scottish budget debate and vote there were rumours that Finance Secretary John Swinney was “looking carefully” at “sustainable travel budgets”. I decided to take the advice of Spokes that a last-minute e-mail supporting a change-of-heart might still… Continue Reading →

An open letter to Alex Salmond MSP on active travel

Dear Mr Salmond, You may be aware that rather a lot of people are very upset with the proposed cuts to the proportion of transport spending that goes on active travel. Active travel is a great idea, as it achieves… Continue Reading →

A storm in December

December, the darkest month of the year, is also noted for its storms, and we have just had a big one. Neighbours meeting in the street were heard to say “Aye, it’s breezy oot today”, as the wind speeds in… Continue Reading →

The UN Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020

As we are now in the UN Decade on Biodiversity 2011-2020 (UNDB), I thought I would flag up the following event which is taking place tomorrow. In a live and interactive web TV programme from New York, two of the… Continue Reading →

Whither the ozone hole?

Maybe it is my age, but I can remember when the ozone hole was considered to be a major environmental issue. However, these day it hardly gets a mention, it has rather dropped from public awareness. The trouble is the… Continue Reading →

Strange voice in the early morning

It is strange how some noises can rouse you from a deep sleep to full alertness in a moment. This morning I heard one such noise, a strange voice at about 03:30, the odd thing about this one is that… Continue Reading →

Another climate science rap

I am (or should that be was) a climate scientist, it is just a shame I can’t sing, or I could have made a rap video like this… … the important point it makes is that climate scientists are cool… Continue Reading →

What’s the story with Nitrogen?

There is much talk these days about the threat to our world from climatic change driven by the release of fossil carbon in the form of CO2. However, this is not the only pollutant gas released by the burning of… Continue Reading →

Climate Change: breaking the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland

As this is Climate Week 2011, it is a good time to look at the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland and how they can be broken down. Fortunately the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) has just released a report into… Continue Reading →

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