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Firefox 3 is coming…

The wait is almost over Firefox 3 is coming, the much anticipated update of the popular Firefox browser will be released on the 17th June 2008. To celebrate this they have come up with the idea of try to set… Continue Reading →

Junk mail

Despite being signed up to the Mailing Preference Service I still get some junk mail. I got one such item this morning from the Domain Registry of America helpfully pointing out that one of the domain name which I own… Continue Reading →

Flickr whips up a storm

Flickr the photo sharing site has whipped up a storm of protest from its users by censoring photos posted by its users. Based on the location of their Yahoo! ID, users in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong and Korea are only… Continue Reading →

Firefox increasingly popular across Europe

The latest new from XiTi Monitor show that Firefox usage rate in Europe has gained nearly five percentage points since April 2006. Firefox cannot be stopped and is now close to 25% of all European browser use. However, Europe still… Continue Reading →

Dell preload Linux

Full marks to Dell for offering Linux pre-installed as an alternative to Windows on their disk top and laptop machines. You can choose between Red Hat or Novell SUSE on selected machines, this should save you about £50 on the… Continue Reading →

The Mozilla Manifesto

I have been using Mozilla browsers and other software of some years now, I use the the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client on a daily basis. It has always felt somehow right. When I first started to use… Continue Reading →

Appologies for interuption in service

I would like to appologise to those who been trying to access the ubiquitous blog and found it to be unavailable, my ISP (Freedom2Surf) has just moved my web site to a new web server. I was assued that this… Continue Reading →

Firefox 2 wins wins Best software

My copy of Personal Computer World has recently landed on the door mat and I am pleased to see that Firefox 2 has won the Editorial Award for Best software in the PCW Awards for Excellence 2006. In my humble… Continue Reading →


The ubiquitous blog was down for almost a week due to a technical fault, sorry about that, during this time over 200 hits were lost. The experience of being Blogless was an unexpected one, at first it was a bit… Continue Reading →

Browser security

Attitudes to security have once again been throwing into relief by the news of security vulnerabilities of two competing web browsers this week. Firstly, a new version of Firefox has been release to address seven security vulnerabilities, four of which… Continue Reading →

First post

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I have been think of having a go at blogging for some time now, so I had to decide on how to go about it. I decided that I wanted to host the… Continue Reading →

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