It is great to see the recent success of the British cycling team (note that this table may not be up to date). However, as this video shows, for some promising British athletes there can be a high price to pay.

[Please note that this video is no longer available on YouTube, British Airways sold the exclusive rights to Bicycle Film Festival]

This should be regarded as total unacceptable, no one should have to take their life in their hands to train for a relatively safe, legal activity. This is why I urge you to support the Pedal on Parliament campaign, which aims to make our roads safer for everyone. Please help us to make a change by signing the petition and joining us on the 28th April 2012.

Oh, and if anyone feels that having good quality cycle infrastructure is in some way a threat to cycle sport, have a read of this, there is no threat to cycle sport from making the roads safer for all.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Jason MacIntyre.