I first wrote about the Arthur’s Seat Challenge in November 2007, since then I have become aware of a couple more Arthur’s Seat Challenges.

There is one in Australia which involves bimbling up some wee hill which is about 75 km south east of Melbourne, in aid of driver training. People run or walk to raise money to teach young people to drive? How very Australian, given that Australia has the second most obese population in the world and is challenging the US of A for the top spot. Why doesn’t Australia want to encourage active travel?

Then there is a new Arthur’s Seat Challenge which takes place on the 22nd August 2010 in Holyrood Park, organised by “Find a better way to work” as part of their family fun day. “Find a better way to work” is an organisation set up to encourage active travel as a way of tackling a range of issues which afflict our society such as:

  • the the obesity crisis, we currently have one of the most obese populations in Europe
  • traffic congestion
  • air pollution
  • poor quality of life

I ken which I would rather take part in, now where did you get the idea for the Arthur’s Seat Challenge from, Kat? 😉

Just in case you want to see the route map of my Arthur’s Seat Challenge:

Bike route 249982 – powered by Bikemap